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Lost 2 White Gold Rings with Diamonds Found in Ecorse Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Midnite Rendezvous……

……..of a different nature is what Dwann experienced last night. Just before sunset yesterday as his wife and family were getting ready to visit family out of town, she took the dog for a quick walk at a nearby park and somehow her rings came off. Completely freaking out it was now dark and rainy. During the ride to the airport, I got a call explaining what happened. I agreed to meet Dwann when he returned from dropping them off. A quick turn on and go with my MXT metal detector had me grid searching quickly as the rain came down. Picking up a few junk signals I kept up the grid search and close to a small tree I got a solid signal. Using my smaller pin-pointer metal detector Dwann pointed the flashlight beam at the suspected area. As the smaller detector buzzed, I reached down into the grass and suddenly I saw one of the rings shimmering in the glow of the flashlight. Searching in a zig-zag type pattern another good signal came thru just a few feet away. Illuminating the spot I saw the 2nd ring sparkling back at us! Totally elated, Dwann sent a picture to her titled midnite rendezvous and assured me that this is a rendezvous she will be quite happy with.