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Lost White Gold Ring Underwater Found On Harsens Island Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Dad’s Island Gold…

….As Nate and his family steered their watercraft towards a quiet and relaxing island, rough waters had them veer off course towards a dock that was reachable. As Nate roped off the boat and stepped off onto the dock his ring slipped off. On site this morning calmer water greeted us. The path from shore to the suspected location led us over slippery rocks but eventually we felt nice firm sand beneath our feet. At a depth of 4 feet or so I started to metal detect a grid search area. Looking thru my scuba snorkel mask I could easily see the metal detector coil as I searched, along with a few mollusks attached to the dock piers and mossy rocks. I was surprised that I didn’t get any junk metal signals by the dock. A few more coil sweeps and I got a good signal. Taking a deep breath, submerging to about 5 feet and reaching into the sand with my pin-pointer revealed this nice white gold ring! As I came up thru the water and surfaced, Nate was excitedly watching as I held his ring into the air! Moving to shallower water, he immediately put it back on, closed his fist and headed for his camera!, along with saying how thankful he was that his ring would not be a permanent resident on the island.