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Lost White Gold Engagement Ring with Diamond Found in The Snow in Grand Blanc Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

White Gold Vs. Steel…..

…..A month ago, as Kate was leaving work in the snowstorm that hit the Detroit area, her engagement ring came off in the parking lot as she was cleaning snow off the car. Not realizing that it was missing until she got settled at home, she panicked as this was her fiancée’s grandmothers ring passed down to her. Thoughts of venturing back to her workplace had them pushing back thru the snow to the parking area. Upon arrival the snowplow had been there and piles of snow a few feet deep surrounded the lot. At this time Kate’s dad arrived to assist. Doing a visual search of what they could see brought no luck. As they retreated back home Kate noticed a few snowplows and the sparks flying out from under the blades. That sight brought chills upon her, and made her shudder as she wondered what the fate of her ring was and if she’d ever see it again. She reached out to me and that following saturday I met them. We searched with the metal detector and dug thru the snow but encountered thick chunks of solid ice and had to call off the search. Since the lot was patrolled 24/7 we knew wherever the ring was that it was safe. We elected to let the snow melt down and check again at a later date. Today we returned and while Kate and fiancée searched dry ground, I tuned up my MXT metal detector to maximum sensitivity and started to search. Electing to start at the remaining deeper pile of snow I got some junk items, and a few coins came up which made me hopeful. Nearing the last of the pile the metal detector whispered a good signal on the threshold of it’s signal power saying dig here. As I scraped thru the snow about 8 inched deep, I saw the top of Kate’s ring! Clearing the rest of the snow brought the ring out of it’s frozen encasement. I stood in awe as I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t damaged or even scraped, just a bit dirty! I waved to her fiancee to come over quietly as Kate was on the other side of the lot. He had wondered what was up and as I pointed down he was in a total zombie like state and couldn’t believe the ring was well over 30 feet from where it fell off, and that it survived the steel push of the plow. Kate quickly noticed we were not working and came over. We pointed to the ring and watching her reach down to pick it up is a memory I won’t forget…I’m glad her tears did not turn into icicle’s! Looking towards heaven Kate said thank you! We were all thrilled with the outcome of the search, starting with Kate and her fiancee surviving the big snow, and ending with her beautiful white gold ring miraculously winning the battle against the steel!