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Lost Gold Ring Found in Washington Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

This nice lady gave me a call asking for help in finding a lost ring that was lost last weekend at an outdoor event at an open field behind her neighbor’s condo across the street. The ring was given to her from her mother and family for mothers day. She tried raking the area but was unable to pull it up. In listening to the circumstances she wasn’t sure where it may be since she was shopping and put the ring on her pinky and realized it must have slipped off during the day’s travels…as this was not the usual finger it was worn on. Waiting for the rain to pass, we checked her vehicle and talked more about where she last remembered having it on her pinky. Nothing showed up in the vehicle and the rain lightened up enough to search the field area.

I got a feeling to search from where her husband dropped her off at the curb, where she was carrying chairs to the event tents. Setting up my MXT I started to grid and got that sweet signal of gold! Coming in as +10 on the meter this beautiful ring was hiding right under the grass which was scheduled to be cut today and if it had surely would have been hit by the blade.

As I held it up you could see the happiness on her face, the smiles, and exclamations of excitement upon finding this gorgeous sentimental ring!

Thank you for reading,