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Ring recovery in Sunset Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

A long time friend of mine called me to say her Mom lost a ring when they took her to visit the beach. She knew exactly where they walked to look at the ocean. It was starting to get dark so I grabbed my headlamp and was on my way. The city builds a large berm in the winter to keep the high tides from flooding the homes. My friend mentioned her Mom had slid down the berm to get to the bottom easier.

I started detecting at the entrance and worked my way towards the berm, no ring yet. I started scanning the side of the berm as I worked my way up to the top and thats when I got a good signal and found her ring. It’s just costume jewelry but her Mom was sad that she lost it and I was glad to help. It’s not the value, but the thrill of the hunt that gets me excited.    11/21/2017