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Diamond Stud Earring Lost in Sand .. Manhattan Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Dustin called me from Manhattan Beach. He and his friends were actually on the beach at the volleyball courts where they had been playing.
Trisha was one of their friends that was just sitting on the beach as a spectator. As she began to leave she realized her 2 ct. diamond stud earring was missing. She assumed that her 3 year old daughter may have pulled it from her ear while they were watching the volleyball game.
Chelsea was one of the friends who told her about TheRingFinder.com.
When I received the call, I asked if they had the other earring? It was a one of a kind, no matching earring. They also told me that four people had been scouring the sand for the small earring. Those were not good things to hear, but I agreed to meet them within an hour if one person could wait. Chelsea and Dustin would stay as Trisha had to get her child home for her afternoon nap.
I have just purchased a high frequency coil for my XP Deus metal detector for this type search. I also brought three different sifting screens to use if I couldn’t get a decent signal from my detector. It was a small area 20’x 20′.. I set up my detector with the highest sensitivity and at 55 kHz frequency ( good for super small objects). The first pass only turned up one small piece of aluminum. At least there wasn’t too much trash that could hamper the search.
I did my cross grid getting a faint repeatable signal. With a small handheld screen I scooped fairly deep (3″+). Bingo!! diamond stud earring in the scoop. Total search time was less than 15 minutes. It was a beautiful stone sparkling in the sunlight.
Everybody was surprised, they told me that they believed it may have been lost before Trisha got to the beach. They were also ready to go home because I had alerted them that this could take a few hours if we had to go to sifting mode.
This call was referred to me by a Steve Smith also a member of TheRingFinders.