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Beautiful Wedding Ring Set Lost in Surf at Dana Point, CA. .. Found Four Days Later.

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Roxanne had been at a house party on Sunday. It was at a home on the beach front at Strand Beach, Dana Point, CA. The home had a swimming pool but some of the guests wanted to spend a little time playing in the ocean surf. Mostly just wade in the knee deep water.

Roxanne was standing with her back to the incoming waves when she got surprised by a larger wave that knocked her down. Right away she noticed her white gold  and diamond wedding ring set had fallen in the water. The three rings had recently been soldered together which may have made it easier to find. The water saturated soft sand swallowed the ring. She was devastated and several people tried to retrieve the ring with no success.

Tuesday morning, three days after losing the ring Roxanne called me. She was about an hour from Strand Beach and unable to meet me at the location. So she began to give me directions while talking on the phone. We both had pulled up google maps on our computers,  where she pointed out the two houses that she was directly in front of when the loss occurred. There was a low tide that afternoon that would allow me to check the conditions. I made the 12 mile drive to give it a quick search. No Find.

Early Wednesday morning there would be a minus tide which would be the best chance. I drove back at 2:00 am. After an hour of tight grid searching, I had only found three pieces of metal trash. Then, Boom! I got a very nice strong signal. I dug a scoop full of wet sand reaching into it I could feel the big ring. It was dark but I could feel the stones and the three separate soldered bands. 

I didn’t call Roxanne till about 9am. I wanted to personally tell her that her ring was found. When she answered the phone I was at a loss for words. I finally told her that I had her ring. She burst into tears and I could hear yell across the room to her husband, Dominic. “He found my ring”. I told her to give me a call after she calmed down. We could make arrangements to get it in her hands. 

Both Roxanne and Dominic met me that afternoon. It was a great reunion with smiles all around. She must have had a miserable four days. It’s a happy ending for sure.