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Lost wedding ring on baseball field at Audubon High school in Audubon,NJ recovered by Ed Cropski of The Ring Finders

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call last week from an old classmate stating that he had lost his gold wedding band on the baseball field at our old high school. Jim had stated that while playing in the game his ring was not fitting right due to his hand being swollen and although he was aware of it and being careful he looked down and the ring was gone. Another detectorist friend and myself met Jim at the field and went over the events leading up to the loss and began to grid the field area. After a couple hours with no luck jim had decided to call it a day and considered the ring gone forever. I assured him that if the ring is there I will return to hunt another day and do my best to find it. Well,today was that day (a week later) and after remembering some of the things Jim had told me he was doing on the field I searched the area close to the dugout where he had his gear bag and within minutes I had received the signal from my Whites V3i and could see the outline of the ring just below the surface of the dirt. I recovered the ring and gave Jim a call to tell him I had found his ring. Living just a few blocks away he came right away and couldn’t believe that I had found it and was very happy to put it back on his hand. This was a cool recovery for me,doing it at my old high school for an old classmate. Awesome day!IMG_2757IMG_2754IMG_2756