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Corporation Beach, Dennis, MA Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)



Summer temperatures, light breezes and calm seas are calling Cape Cod visitors to come and enjoy any one of the many beaches. Kathleen and family members were among those answering the call on Wednesday. Fair skin needs to be protected, but the sun screen cream tends to mar the brilliance of diamonds. To prevent it from happening to her ring Kathleen took it off, put in in her bag and gave the bag to her mother. Fast forward to the time to go…no ring was to be found in the bag. A visual search and later a search with an inexpensive hardware store metal detector yielded no results.

It was then that Kathleen reached out for professional help. We met at the beach, I was shown the area, and searched far more than the original area. Several nice ladies and infants were occupying an area in the center of my gridded area. The ladies did move over somewhat, but not entirely off the area I had not yet searched. Not wanting to “disturb” the ladies again, I was headed to my car to get a different detector, one that had different operating characteristics. As I started to go the ladies picked up their chairs and bags and left the beach. I returned to quickly search the area and two minutes later Kathleen was wearing the lost, found and returned ring.

Hugs, smiles and a bit of metal detecting talk led to the attached smile and ring photo.