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Carmel beach. Lost ring found.

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from some folks, who had a wedding coming up in just a couple of days.  They lost the bride-to-be ring just days before the planned event.   She had taken the ring off , and stashed it for safe-keeping, in their belongings that they’d set at their beach blanket area.     When they went to leave, somehow it got lost in the sand.   They looked up Lost Ring + Carmel beach, etc… on the web.


Found this Ring Finders directory listing, and we hooked up to look for it.  Found the ring in 5 minutes.  Right in their suspected foot-path zone.

Thanx for letting me post the re-union story here.  Glad to have helped.  Thanx for the tip.  Congratz on the upcoming wedding !

Seascape Beach ring found

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a person who lost their gold ring on Seascape Beach, near Aptos and Watsonville area.   She had her ring for safe-keeping in a bag with other belongings.  At a certain point, the bag tipped over .  She steadied the bag, put the thermos back inside, and was unaware that her ring must have slipped out at that time.  It was not till she got home that she realized her ring wasn’t in the bag.   She figured it must have slipped out when the bag had tipped earlier.   She went back to the spot, as best she could remember that exact spot.  But the dry loose sand had swallowed the ring.  It was not visible , and no amount of feeling around produced results.   She called me, and we were  able to help reunite a family heirloom ring to the owner.   Glad to help.     An added note :  This beach has extremely black mineralized sand, and the ring was very dainty, so I had actually missed it on the first pass through the suspect zone.   Going back through the 2nd time, I gave double scrutiny for whispers trying to come in over the static produced by the black sand conditions.  This time, got the signal I had missed on the first pass through. 

Lost ring recovered at upper Del Monte Beach, near Seaside

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call last night from 2 nice College students.   They were playing volleyball on the beach, when one of them felt (and got a glimpse of) their ring launching away from them.  A nice hefty gold ring with emerald stone.    The dry loose sand immediately swallows it, and they don’t know where it is.   Was able to meet with them immediately, and to locate it in about 30 seconds.  Glad to help !

Monterey Del Monte beach lost ring rescued .

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a lady who had lost her ring, while playing with her kids at Monterey Del Monte beach here.  She had a rough idea/suspicion of where it had gone missing.  But the sand was obscuring her ring from view.  In a couple of minutes, was able to reunite this to her & her husband (on assignment to the military here).


Glad to help, and thank you for your service to our country !

Lost Ring in Carmel reunited

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from “Mary”.   Tourists visiting Carmel, realized her ring was missing.    They narrowed it down to suspecting it might have fallen out of their vehicle as they began their walk through the tourist district of Carmel.  It was a long shot, since :  There’s only a teensy planter tree-strip box there along the sidewalk.   Not much use for a metal detector.  But we thought:  Maybe obscured in the pine needles there ?


Before turning on my machine to hunt, I noticed that the street sweeper had not passed by there for awhile .  Evidence of leaf and duff buildup on the street, so perhaps cars perpetually parked , that keep the street sweeper from reaching the curb in the recent past.  So on a hunch, I began studying the street curb/gutter area.  Twitching aside leaves and duff.   Nothing.  Then on my hands and knees to study under the car that was currently parked there.   And there it was !   Run over a time or two (needs a jeweler’s adjustment), but the stone still intact.  Didn’t even need my metal detector after all.  🙂


She shared with me the effort and workload her fiance had gone through to afford the ring, so … to them it had a lot of sentimental value.   Will be going out in today’s mail to southern CA for another happy reunion.   Glad I could help !

Lost Ring found on Carmel Beach

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

A lady from Fresno was visiting Carmel beach.   When she went to shake out the sand from her beach gear, her engagement ring flew off.  And gets swallowed up by the dry sand.  Despite sifting the sand at length, could not locate the ring.   She looked up “metal detector rental” and was able to find the Ring finder directory.   Was able to reunite the ring with her.  

Ring found on Santa Cruz beach

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a fellow who had been splashing around in the surf on a beach in Santa Cruz.  He saw and felt his wedding ring come off.  He instinctively reached for it in the knee-deep depth water.  But the cloudy water prevents visibility.  And the sand and ebbing/rolling surf immediately envelope it.   He had a rough idea where it was, but no amount of eyeballing the surface was going to reveal it.   He got hold of me through the ringfinder directory.   I was a bit busy with work this morning, so I matched him up with a friend of mine who lives just a few miles from this particular beach.  The two of them hooked up, and …… 2 minutes later, the reunion was made.   Thanx for helping Gary !   Glad we could help them.

Lost Ring found on Big Sur coastline

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

This beautiful platinum ring was lost by a San Francisco couple, while camping in Big Sur, south of Carmel, CA.   They found the RingFinders directory, that allowed us to coordinate for a hunt.   Glad to help.  Glad the heirloom remains in your family !

Ring found in Marina, CA

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Got a call from a nice lady who had been volunteering at cleanup for her Church landscape.   She suspected that her ring had come off, while bagging up all the trimmings, and must be in one of the many hefty bags of landscape debris.   We dumped them back out, spread them out, and checked the contents one-by-one with my metal detector.  Eventually the hidden/lost ring surfaced.  Another satisfied customer.

Found ring on Carmel Beach

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

A couple from the east coast was here in Carmel area, for a wedding.  They lost this ring on the beach.   After an hour, was able to reunite this with the happy owner .