Tom Tanner

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
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Cost For My Service

Whatever tip is fair. Tailored to the travel time & complexity. To be negotiated at start before search.

Search Types

Rumored family stashes, fumble-fingers rings, etc..., property marker pegs, crime-scene evidence searches, commercial/ag.

Search Locations

Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties.

Tom Tanner's Bio

58 yrs. old, self-employed. Work in Salinas, live in Monterey. Been metal detecting for over 40 yrs.

Types of recoveries over the years: Several deliberate caches buried by a family member, that .... later ... the next of kin only had a rough idea where their family patriarch had possibly buried a stash (basement, backyards, etc...). Done many ring recoveries. Done some agricultural needs (plow blades). Done some real estate property marker peg locations. Done some police evidence recoveries (ditched weapons, fired bullets, etc....)

Tom Tanner - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum & Diamond ring found (2022)

    A Metal detector rental success :  Got a call from a gentleman who had innocently tossed liquid (melted ice)  into a planter box.  Out of a cup, into an area of vegetation, at a roadside rest along the highway.   As he made the throwing motion, he felt his ring launch off .  Into the […]

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  • 24k Bracelet, Monterey beach reunion (2022)

    Another repatriation.  A soon-to-be family heirloom.   Here’s cut & paste.  Happy to help !   “Thank you Tom for answering my cry for help when my son lost his 24kt gold bracelet on his 18th birthday within 5 min of putting it on him. It was a previous gift from age 6 that was repaired […]

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  • Found diamond pendant (2021)

    Was able to find this 3 kt. solitaire diamond pendant , in grass, that had been lost during an outdoor wedding.  Great repatriation, for an heirloom that had been in their family for generations.   Glad it worked out for them ! 

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  • Ring found at Rio Del Mar beach (2021)

    Was able to help these nice folks out.   The fellow had taken off his ring to apply lotion.  When it came time to put the ring back on, it was gone.  Obscured in the sand somewhere in the vicinity of their picnic site.    Another happy reunion.  

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  • Lost Ring found in Monterey, CA . (2021)

    Done several returns via RingFinders.  Here’s the first example hunt .  This will be the first I’ve gotten onto the success story “smiles” page here.  Got a call from “Nick”, who lost his wedding ring on a Monterey, CA beach.   Happy to be able to help.   Fun to put the hobby to good use.

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Tom Tanner - Testimonials

  • Thanks for your help! (2021)

    You are a lifesaver!! Thanks for your help! Tom responded and arrived quickly. He was very understanding and kind. So happy to have found him and this community of Ringfinders!