Tom Tanner

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

Whatever tip is fair. Tailored to the travel time & complexity. To be negotiated at start before search.

Search Types

Rumored family stashes, fumble-fingers rings, etc..., property marker pegs, crime-scene evidence searches, commercial/ag.

Search Locations

Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties.

Tom Tanner's Bio

58 yrs. old, self-employed. Work in Salinas, live in Monterey. Been metal detecting for over 40 yrs.

Types of recoveries over the years: Several deliberate caches buried by a family member, that .... later ... the next of kin only had a rough idea where their family patriarch had possibly buried a stash (basement, backyards, etc...). Done many ring recoveries. Done some agricultural needs (plow blades). Done some real estate property marker peg locations. Done some police evidence recoveries (ditched weapons, fired bullets, etc....)

Tom Tanner - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost ring recovered at upper Del Monte Beach, near Seaside (2022)

    Got a call last night from 2 nice College students.   They were playing volleyball on the beach, when one of them felt (and got a glimpse of) their ring launching away from them.  A nice hefty gold ring with emerald stone.    The dry loose sand immediately swallows it, and they don’t know where it […]

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  • Monterey Del Monte beach lost ring rescued . (2022)

    Got a call from a lady who had lost her ring, while playing with her kids at Monterey Del Monte beach here.  She had a rough idea/suspicion of where it had gone missing.  But the sand was obscuring her ring from view.  In a couple of minutes, was able to reunite this to her & […]

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  • Lost Ring in Carmel reunited (2022)

    Got a call from “Mary”.   Tourists visiting Carmel, realized her ring was missing.    They narrowed it down to suspecting it might have fallen out of their vehicle as they began their walk through the tourist district of Carmel.  It was a long shot, since :  There’s only a teensy planter tree-strip box there along the […]

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  • Lost Ring found on Carmel Beach (2022)

    A lady from Fresno was visiting Carmel beach.   When she went to shake out the sand from her beach gear, her engagement ring flew off.  And gets swallowed up by the dry sand.  Despite sifting the sand at length, could not locate the ring.   She looked up “metal detector rental” and was able to […]

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  • Ring found on Santa Cruz beach (2022)

    Got a call from a fellow who had been splashing around in the surf on a beach in Santa Cruz.  He saw and felt his wedding ring come off.  He instinctively reached for it in the knee-deep depth water.  But the cloudy water prevents visibility.  And the sand and ebbing/rolling surf immediately envelope it.   He […]

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Tom Tanner - Testimonials

  • Thanks for your help! (2021)

    You are a lifesaver!! Thanks for your help! Tom responded and arrived quickly. He was very understanding and kind. So happy to have found him and this community of Ringfinders!