Wedding Ring Found at Orange Beach Alabama

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Chad and Renee are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Friendly, outgoing, all around warm folks vacationing at the beach. And while at the beach that day, became local celebrates. Chad accidentally lost his wedding ring, in the Gulf of Mexico, where in sank in the sandy bottom, out of sight. Renee called me for assistance and I told her I could probably help. I got to the beach about 11:00 and started searching, there went lots of people enjoying the beach. I set out flags on the beach to help navigating in the water with Chad’s assistance, then proceeded to search in grid fashion. The setting out flags got everyone’s attention nearby. As I kept checking my longitude I noticed folks talking with Chad and Renee. The search took about two and a half hours and my activity apparently was a source of curiosity and perhaps entertainment for everyone near. There was almost no targets in the water so the maybe two time I set my scoop lots of folks watched. So, when I finally located Chad’s ring, the signal was unmistakable and I knew. I set the scoop extra deep so as not to scrap the ring, looked at Chad and I think he knew also. Don’t know if it was my smile but he was getting out of his chair as I was pulling the scoop from the water. I took the ring from the scoop and lifted in so he could see it was indeed found. People on the beach clapped and cheered and bestowed them with their well wishes. It made my day, found his ring, no more worries, vacation back on!

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