Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered BY SRARC

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John was with his wife and children enjoying a family reunion on Anna Maria Island. They had all come down from fridge Minnesota and we enjoying the sun and beach. They had rented a golf cart to cruise around on the island. John was returning to their rental unit on the cart and on arrival he gave his son a big high five. As their hands met, John felt his wedding ring fly off. It was in the area of their shell covered driveway which had a large group of plants in the middle. John’s wife had heard the plink of metal hitting metal and thought the ring must have hit one of the vehicles or a metal rental sign in front of the plants. The whole group searched and searched but could not find the ring. John’s wife finally googled “lost ring” and she found SRARC ring finders. She called Joe Szemer and Joe called Mike who made arrangements to meet the group at the site. Mike searched the entire driveway with no luck and then began trying to search among the plants in the middle. John got down on hands and knees to try and help by lifting the plants up so Mike could search under them. In just a few minutes Mike heard the nice tone of a ring and sure enough there it was hiding under a plant. Everyone clapped and cheered when John held up his ring and returned it to his finger. It is always a great feeling to return something so special to the person that lost it. It just makes for big smiles all around.

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