Crystal beach ring recovered after 4 years

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

What a great story, a nice guy named Gary gave me a call who had lost a “Very” sentimental ring in his front yard 4 years ago. Gary purchased another similar ring a few year later but in his own words ” never quite fit like the original” ! He had placed his original College ring in his pocket while gardening and after a while forgot it was there. He started putting unneeded stones and debris in his pocket for lack of a better spot. When he was finished the job decided to reach in and cast it all away . He watched his ring in slow motion flying through the air and off into the grass. With the help from his wife and neighbors they tried to find the beautiful ring but11137095_1628121604131353_5417829166018249126_n unsuccessfully. 4 years later Gary asked me to give it a shot and sure enough after about 2 minutes I got a beautiful silver signal. The picture tells the rest of the story. Congrats Gary11952023_1628121570798023_1902969999873607761_n

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