Van Key Lost in Palos Verdes Estates, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from Paul last week regarding a key to his van he had lost 4 days prior. Paul has a dog walking business, and has a trail he likes to take the dogs on. When he arrives a the location, the dogs, after having been in the van for a while need to do their business. He carries a pocket full of plastic bags in order to clean up after them, and pulls one out whenever needed. The area right at curb side where he goes is about a half acre covered in a thick mulch, and when he has to pickup after one of the dogs, he has all the others pulling on him to go on their walk, this can make for a bit of canine anarchy. When cleaning up after one of the dogs, Paul pulled out a plastic bag, while being pulled by all of the other dogs, not realizing that his key had been pulled out with the bag, and lost in the mulch. He had gone back each day for 4 days looking for and not being able to find the key. We agreed to meet at the spot while he was walking his dogs, so I could get an understanding what actually happened.

When I got to the location, I sent Paul a text to let him know I was there. He sent one back to let me know he was there as well, and would meet me soon. I began to get my equipment ready when I turned around to see a gentleman coming down the trail surrounded by at least 15 dogs; what a sight, it looked surreal. All of the dogs were working as one unit with Paul at command. I would not have expected the dogs to have behaved so well with most all of them coming from different homes. Paul showed me what had happened to cause the loss, and then had to leave so he could take the dogs to their homes. I began my search in the mulch, and covered the area, with no key. I then went back to the start point, and began a cross grid, and after a few passes, got a good signal. I looked down, and there was the key, looking back at me from the mulch. I sent a text to Paul , and we arranged to meet this week to get the key back. I was glad to get a picture that shows this man with his happy dogs, and his smile with his found key. A lot of fun!


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