Ruby and Diamond Pendant Lost at Palos Verdes Estates, CA Beach...Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Karyn called last night and explained how she had gone to a particular beach to get pictures taken for a holiday photo shoot. During the process of the photography session she was putting on and taking off a shoulder wrap. It seems that while removing the wrap, it unhooked the chain that held her ruby and diamond pendant. She noticed it missing and went back to scour the rocks where it would have fallen. She looked and was able to find the chain that held the pendant, but not the pendant itself. We talked about it, I asked some questions, and we agreed to meet this morning.

When I got to the beach Karyn was waiting for me and took me down to the spot where she believed the pendant to have been lost. She showed me where she had found the chain,and where she had been sitting during the photo shoot. I began my search, and was getting thrown off by the mineralization of the seaweed in the area. I made a few adjustments and continued the search. I was not able to find the pendant, but Karyn said she had also been sitting in another area as well  and showed me where to look. I began searching in the new area, and when I got to the place she had been sitting, I received a good tone in the head phones and looked down. I could see the edge of something wedged between 2 rocks and reached down to check it out. I then pulled up the pendant and showed it to Karyn who immediately came over and gave me a big hug. She had been given a necklace many years back, and decided she would like to do something different with it, so on a vacation trip to India her friend convinced her to bring the necklace along, and while in India had it transformed into this awesome pendant. How special is that? It was truly a pleasure to be able to help Karyn today.

Karyn sent the following regarding the recovery:

My pendant was found by Steve Smith, the best ring and pendant finder hands down.
I had this necklace that was given to me in the 80’s it was really 80’s looking and I wanted a more contemporary piece.
I was telling my girlfriend that I wanted it redone.
I happened to be going to India towards the end of last year with her and she told me she had the finest Jeweler in Delhi.
I carried that necklace with me to India and met with the jeweller.
I sat for about an hour designing this and felt so proud of the out come. I cherished it.
Flash forward to today  I was doing our Christmas pictures in Palos Verdes on the rocks at the beach no less.
I came home and noticed it was gone.
I had a knot in my stomach, I was so upset.
Ran back the next day and found the chain ,but no pendant.
Then I got  frantic it had to be there it just had to.
I could not find it anywhere.
Went home went online and found Steve.
He was just awesome. Asking me questions and he was so calm.
We met the next day and I was so impressed with his gadgets he set up and he went to town.
He’s thorough and precise.
It helped that I guided him to where I was sitting.  I was in 2 locations.
I was pacing and digging a hole to China while he was diligently scanning.
And then he held it up and said is this it ?
I shrieked in happiness and ran to hug and kiss him.
He found it he found it, he found it.
Today was my lucky day:)
Would recommend him to anyone and everyone.
He is absolutely the best, hands down.
Warmest Regards
Happiest customer


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