Wedding Ring Lost at Torrance Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Nii called me yesterday evening with an air of desperation in his voice, he had lost his wedding ring at the beach while throwing a football to his son. After scouring the sands for about 45 minutes, with a group of about 6 people, he was unable to find it. One of the group gave him The Ring Finders information, and he contacted me. We briefly discussed what had happened, and we were both close to the loss area, so we arranged to meet in about 30 minutes.

When I got there Nii took me to the area of the loss, and I could see a very meticulous grid pattern in the sand, so I knew they had searched long and hard for this lost ring. Nii then went on to show me exactly what had happened, which is very important for a Ring Finder to figure out where to begin a search. I began my search finding a few pieces of metal, a bottle cap, a piece of foil, and a few others, showing him each time what I had found. One pass, two, and then on the third pass, going a little outside of the area they had search got the signal I was looking for. I scooped, looked inside, and there was his wedding ring. I reached in, held it out (Nii was about 25 feet from me at this time), and I think he thought I was holding another piece of trash metal. I kept holding it out, and turned it so he could see the roundness, and the hole in the middle. All of a sudden the realization was there, I had found his ring, and what a smile and raised level of excitement. He was so surprised, and so happy. What a great thing to bring such a high level of joy to people!


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