Lost Gold Ring in Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned Next Day

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I recieved a call from Anwaar requesting help to find his gold wedding band, possibly lost while swimming in the ocean the day before. Below is his testimonial of what happened..


Testimonial for Ring Finder’s, for Stan Ross, Newport Beach, CA.

May, 2018

Stan is the man who can find the needle in the haystack!  Absolutely an answer to my prayers.

My wife and I were taking an overnight vacation before picking up our daughter from college at the end of her spring semester. We love the Newport Beach area and after a walk on the beach I had decided to take a quick swim in the surf not far off of the beach. It was a wonderful day with our daughter and her boyfriend until until at dinner time my wife noticed that my wedding ring was missing from my hand. After getting back to the hotel room and doing a thorough and a bit frantic search through the room and even our car I was unable to locate the ring. I was upset and felt foolish for not taking it off prior to my swim as I had other co-workers who had lost their wedding rings the same way.  We assumed that it was a lost cause to find my wedding ring of 26 years of marriage. 

I woke early the next morning still thinking about my ring and praying that there had to be a way to find it. I decided to do a Google search for “lost ring sand Newport Beach”.  The website for Ring Finders came up on the top of the list. After looking through local people I found Stan’s blog and noticed that the vast majority of his finds were in the Newport Beach area with a significant number of great testimonials to his acumen and skill. I contacted him at 5:30 in the morning not sure if he would even answer his phone due to the time of day. However, to my great surprise he did!  After explaining to him where I was swimming due to the location of our hotel, he was fairly confident that given the low morning tides for the day he would be able to find my ring.  By 6:30am he texted me that he was starting his search at the beach in the area I had indicated.  I met him at the beach just before 7 a.m. and his gracious and focused demeanor along with knowledge of the area gave me confidence and hope that my ring could be found..

After about 30 minutes after I got there, he found my ring!  I was so excited and so ecstatic to once again have my unique wedding ring of 26 years of marriage. A hand crafted gold band not of much value but of huge sentimental value. Thank you so much Stan – you made our day!  We now have a story with you in our family history. To all others, I highly recommend Stan and his skills should you have a need.  

Anwaar & Irma Bhatti.