Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at a Local City Park

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Nick called me early in the morning, asking my help finding his wedding band that he lost the last night. He was doing his daily workout after work. After he finishes his two mile run, he stops by a local park that has some workout bars that he uses to do some upper arm exercises.

While working out on the bars his wedding band slipped off his finger into deep sand. Nick went back to his house to get tools to sift trough the sand with no success finding his ring.

The next day Nick found my contact information on
He would be working till late that night, making it impossible to meet me at the site of the loss.

No problem for me as it was a neighborhood tot lot that would be find if he texted me the address. These public parks get hit hard by other people with metal detectors, especially sandy tot lot play areas.

I went to the park but could not locate the area Nick had described. I could not contact him but he did call me to check on my progress and he had sent me the wrong directions. A half hour later I was at the right park and within a few minutes I found Nick’s wedding ring.
I called him setting up a place we could meet to personally give him his wedding band back after he got off work. He was definitely grateful, thanking me several times.

Its always nice to return the ring directly to the owner, I know I’ll never get tired of doing this.


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