Lost Wedding Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

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Shaun lost his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Laguna Beach, CA. He had been on the dry sand when he brushed some sand off and his ring went flying into the sand. After 3 hours of trying to find it he gave up. Returning home he found my contact information online. Shaun called me at 7pm asking me if I could help him the next morning. I told him it was not wise to wait. He agreed to meet me a half hour later and before 8pm I was able to locate his platinum wedding band.

It wasn’t an easy search, because there was several deep metal signals that interfered with my search. We were lucky to pull out the platinum ring signal which read 12-04 on my CTX detector.

Shaun and his wife Elaine were totally surprised and grateful to have their ring back where it belongs. Everybody slept well that night. We were all back home by 9 pm.


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Looking ASAP is the best way to go for sure! Nice work and way to make their day! Keep it up my friend!!

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