Angry Wife Throws Three Rings .. Orange County, CA. .. Found 24 Hours Later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I spent the afternoon doing a water search at low tide. I do not carry my celphone in chest deep water. When I returned to my car I found a voicemail on my phone from Jane Doe. She was very upset asking for my help finding three rings lost while taking an evening walk near her home.
When I called she said they had found two of the rings after searching all day but the third ring was still missing. If it was possible she could still use my help. I agreed to drive to South Orange County because we still had a couple hours of sunlight.
When I arrived Jane met me at the security gate of the gated community. We drove to a corner a couple blocks from her house. That’s where she got honest with me, telling me that she was angry and actually threw the three rings. I assured her this was more common than people know. It does help the search to understand what really happened.
Jane showed me where she was when she threw the rings. They had purchased a metal detector but had no success using it. The two rings they found were found about 30 feet away and in plain site. One on the sidewalk and the other in wood chip garden. I searched the most likely grass and wood chip garden. As I was beginning to search the difficult heavy bushes and rose garden, I asked Jane to double check the street because it was begging to get dark. Ten minutes later I heard her yell out, I found it.
It had been 30ft from the other rings more than 60 ft. from where she had been standing. It must have landed just right to roll that far. If you look at the ring you can see that the design would allow it to roll on a hard surface.
I didn’t find the ring but Jane gave me credit for having her double check the street where her ring had been lying in plain sight for more than 20 hours.

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  1. Dan Roekle says:

    Nice job Stan. I’m constantly amazed at how far rings can travel.

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