Venice Beach Resident Lost Ring in Sand .. Found by TheRingFinder Member

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Even after many years living on the beach, you can not be too careful with your valuables. The sand can hide your dropped jewelry in seconds.

Jeff and Fran live on the beachfront in the Santa Monica / Venice Beach area. They spend much of their time on the beach at the towel line nearest to the water. Today Fran asked Her husband, Jeff to give his gold wedding ring for her to put in her bag for safe keeping.
After a few hours Fran notice the ring was missing from her bag. They had not moved so they were sure the ring was in the sand. Two hours later their attempts to find the ring was useless. Fran went to the nearest lifeguard tower to ask for suggestions. The lifeguard recommended they Google search also suggesting that they call me.
They called me and I asked them to stay on the spot or Mark where they where. The traffic is always unpredictable but I was still able to meet them before they had to leave. That made it an easy search. With a few swings of my detector I had a solid signal which turned out to be Jeff’s ring. They were very grateful and told me this was 37 years of being married and living here in Santa Monica/Venice Beach. It was a pleasure to meet them and help them find their ring.

Ring recovered Friday 10-9-15 using a Minelab CTX3030 metal detector.