Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Belmont Shores, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

March 25, 2015

Eric called about 1pm asking to rent a metal detector. I explained to him about the cost of renting and how far away the nearest detector shop is located.
He told me that he was sure where the titanium ring was located. He was in Belmont Shores Penensula at the beach. After talking to him about how I could help him find his ring and show him how the metal detector works. I actually thought I would let him use my detector while I stood by. When I arrived he told me that he had been arguing with his wife of three months , Josselyn. In the heat of the moment he tossed his wedding band over the 4 ft. block wall into the sand on the other side. He said, as he was doing it he thought it would be easy to find. After three hours of searching the sand he went to his smart phone locating .
When I got to the location he showed me an area of approximately 50×50 ft. where he thought it to be. Then he said they had to be somewhere by 3 pm. It was going to be a little more difficult than I expected. This was not a situation where we could do a detector demonstration. I decided not to waste time. So I set up close to the wall in the center, planning to do a spiral grid. I started swinging and within 3 ft. got a good signal 3 inches deep. I called Eric over to let him hear the signal before retrieving the metal under my search coil. When I dug into the sand with my scoop there was Eric’s ring.
Both Eric and Josselyn were elated and thankful. It was a pleasure to help them.


2 Replies to “Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Belmont Shores, CA. .. Found”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great recovery Stan…Lots of people get mad and throw their ring in the head of the moment…Glad you were able to help them!

  2. luke says:

    nice going Stan, Ive loaned my metal detector to a scuba diver to find a lost ring but the guy didn’t find a single thing at a very busy boat dock. so i know the feeling of just wanting to do it your self. if you want something done right you know. Sweet recovery.

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