Cape Cod, Harwich, Massachusetts Lost Ring Found

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

I read a posting on Craig’s List and just had to answer it. My reply suggested the poster reach out to for help in locating a wedding band and engagement ring lost at the beach. Awhile later I received an e-mail from Liz asking me to call her for more information. I did.

The 26 year young ring set had been lost 5 days ago somewhere between the soft sand and waist deep water. The next low tide I could get in the water was at 5pm the next day. Well with the 90 degree summer day pending I knew the beach would be crowded so I opted for a 6am search of the dry sand area and leave the water side of the search for the afternoon low tide, if needed. Two hours into the search I was rewarded to see the ring set in my scoop. Knowing Liz would want to know that I had found her ring I call but could only leave a message.

A cup of coffee on the way home, a quick cleaning of the ring and a bit of lunch passed. I called Liz again as I had only left a message earlier before leaving the beach. Liz answered, a bit of disbelieving she asked for a picture. Sure it was sent, verified and a reply that she was on her way to pick the 26 year young wayward ring. Now returned, of course with a big smile it is time to enjoy the summer on Cape Cod.


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  1. ron ciccolo says:

    We cannot thank you Rick enough your the BEST!!

  2. Krista Ruggiero says:

    I need this out in the universe!
    If you can help…
    I lost my wedding ring in knee high water on Sunday July 19 around 3:30-4:30 pm, I was staying at the Red Jacket Resort Beachside in South Yarmouth, MA. If standing by the towel and umbrella cabana … we were straight down from there in the water about 2.5 – 3 feet deep tops. (half way between the rock jetty and the first house with a flag that says “No Shoe’s Nation”.
    It means the world to me, I am heartbroken!😢
    I know it is probably gone, but I have to try! You never know!!!
    (It has a total of 11 diamonds, 4 on top, 3 in the middle, and 4 on the bottom, (one ring))!

    We looked everyday with some help from people, and a gentleman with a metal detector with no luck, so on my way home I decided to post it on Facebook with hopes someone could help… that is when a friend sent me the link to The Ring Finders page. So here I am

  3. Richard J Browne says:

    I read Krista’s plea for help in finding her lost ring. I reached out to her request and with the information given I was able to find and return her ring. Yes the universe is a big place, I can not cover it all, but with the help of all of The Ring Finders, we sure can help in many instances.


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