A ring return just hours before hurricane Jose hit Cotuit, MA.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Kevin was playing ball in the last of the summer’s warm water when the his wedding band slipped into the water. A group of friends spent many hours of searching without the result they desired. A call to J&E Enterprise lead Kevin to calling me for help. Hurricane Jose was coming with high winds, surf and winds, I had to go NOW. Passing up the National Hamburger Day dinner, I was off to a little known beach to start a search. I had Kevin’s description of where to search and Elizabeth was to meet up with me to add more information.

I arrived about an hour before Elizabeth showed up on the beach. I had searched the area Kevin had described. Now with a few more questions answered I moved the search area over another 30 feet. After covering the new area I was on my own. I had to widen the search area and did so by working the wet sand area. I did a turn and magically Ted was standing there watching me. He told me he was Kevin’s friend going back to early school days. He then suggested I cover the area where he would through a rock to. Well that did not go too well as his arm was not in good enough shape to toss a rock far enough. So into the water I went with instructions for Ted to tell me were to stop and search. Another 10 yards past were I had searched I was told to stop. I marked off 5 yards either side of the “stop” mark. I started searching in the direction Elizabeth had said to move from where I had searched. Another 10 minutes and the shining white gold ring was glittering in my scoop. A good thing as I could see and feel some of Jose’s force heading our way.

Timing is always of the essence in locating a lost item. The earlier a search can be started the better the chance for a recovery is. A hint for anyone that “looses” an object is to mark the area, take pictures, note any physical objects that can be used as a reference point then call a RingFinder. If an item is lost in the water, drop a few coins in the area as a “marker” for a searcher to look for. Or as Kevin did – have friends able to help in the search. If it had not been for Ted showing up and putting me in the proper area, I would not have found the ring that afternoon. And it might not have been a couple of days before the hurricane would pass and detecting would be safe to do again.

Thanks Ted!

Ted texted Kevin, Elizabeth and the other friends that had helped in the previous days of searching. Kevin called, thanked me and I gave the ring to Ted to return to Kevin…Done and pictures added.

2 Replies to “A ring return just hours before hurricane Jose hit Cotuit, MA.”

  1. Ted says:

    While I’m thrilled that Richard was able to find Kevin’s ring, and I’m glad I was able to help with that recovery…. I don’t see why Richard had to tell everyone how weak my arm is.
    In my defense, the rocks that I was throwing were very small and I was throwing into a strong breeze. In truth I have an excellent arm.

    All kidding aside, thanks again Richard for your outstanding service!

    Ted…. aka weak arm.

  2. Kevin Lariviere says:

    After waiting several months recovering from surgery, I was finally able to pickup my recovered ring from friends living in Cotuit. I can’t thank Richard enough for getting out there within a few hours of me calling him, now that’s customer service. In response to Ted’s reply regarding his weak arm and as much as I appreciate him throwing rocks into the ocean on a cold day, he has a weak arm, always has. I guess we need to play ball closer to shore next time so he can reach.

    Thanks to all my great friends that spent hours searching in the water!

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