Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod takes Ring, TheRingFinders found lost ring and returned it!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Mary rs

Ring rs

High seas and strong waves stripped Mary’s engagement ring off her finger as she waded with her young child in her arms. A day of frantic searching by several family members and other beach goers did not yield a successful find. Not wanting to give up Mary did a search for help on the internet. She found my profile on, gave me a call and E-mailed me with a request for help.

Less than a hour later I was at the beach, asked pertinent questions such as type of metal, time of day the ring left her finger, how deep she was, and where she was. With that information I was about to start my search pattern when a beach goer offered more information as he remembered the loss. OK, I modified the area I was going to search and began. I started high on the wet sand and worked toward the water. On the turn to make the third pass a lower than expected tone was buzzing in my ears. I did not think it was the object of search until I saw one third of the ring’s white gold band shining in the sand – the alloying metal in white gold will cause a lower tone than yellow gold on the detector I was using. But, when on a search I dig all targets! A good practice. I took the scoop, sand and ring to Mary for her to retrieve the ring.

Many onlookers passed congratulations and hugs around. Pictures of smiles and the ring were taken and stories were exchanged. I was even asked if I had found a UMASS ring…lost 12 years ago at the same beach. No, not me. But I will ask around if anyone might have found it. That would be great, to locate and have it returned after so many years.

It is always wonderful when a search ends in success. I really enjoy helping those that can use a bit of luck with the expertise I possess.
Smiles on.

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  1. “​I am lucky to have been aided by TheRingfinders. Richard Browne. My wife, Mary Langton, lost her engagement ring in rough surf when we were swimming in South Yarmouth, MA.  We were devastated, and spent the rest of the day and night searching for it.  We went back the following day when the water was more clear and less rough and searched again.  Others along the beach caught word of our plight and attempted to assist us.  Our searching was ultimately unsuccessful.  
    ​After two days we figured that there was no hope in finding the ring.  That was until Mary came across the website for TheRingfinders.  We called the number and were fortunate enough to speak with Richard Browne.  He was courteous, prompt and professional.  He met us at the beach in less than fifteen minutes.  
    ​Richard used his thorough technique and was able to locate the ring in an inch of sand, very close to where the ring was originally lost.  Richard even let Mary take the ring out of the sand grate after he found it. He brought Mary to tears when he gave her the ring back.  This took him no longer than five minutes.  
    ​It was an amazing experience and Richard truly made the best of what was originally a sad and frustrating situation.  We are forever grateful to Richard for his professionalism, his skill and his compassion.  I can’t speak well enough about the way he was able to help us.   Thank you Richard!”
    – Peter F. Cavanagh 

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