Lost wedding band found and returned in Chatham, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

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Alex had made a wedding band for his bride and she had made his. A beautiful pair of rings and a couple with many wonderful memories between them. And now they have one more memory. How Alex lost his ring while taking an evening beach stroll to watch a sunset. The next morning was spent raking and sifting through the sand. Only one quarter was found and that was by their son. They did have the presence of mind to inform the lifeguards who told Alex of TheRingFinders.com.

That were I came into the scenario.

After I received an E-mail I called Alex, asked a few pertinent questions and headed for the beach at 5:30am the next morning. I was lucky, Alex had remembered the precise area of loss and described it perfectly. However the previous night’s high tide was very high and washed all the way to the dunes. The sand was now pristine and very easy to grid. Though Alex had said the ring was most likely lost above the high tide line, the tide was coming in and I had to make a few passes at the water’s edge, just in case the ring was washed down the beach’s slope. Only an old pocket knife was retrieved from its sandy resting place. Back to the now dry sand I made another two passes and then bingo…the ring was in my scoop. Beautiful, the sun was rising over the dune, the ring had risen from its sandy spot and I was on my way to return the ring. I first called at a bit after 7am, no answer, had a cup of Dunkin’s Coffee, called again, still no answer, so I headed home. Just a few minutes later Alex returned my call. He gave me directions to his vacation home. I made the U-turn and Alex was wearing his ring about 45 minutes after I had found it.

One of the pictures below show the pair of hand made wedding bands, where they belong. The one above is for The Book of Smiles.

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