Ring found in Dennis Port, Cape Cod, MA returned!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A visiting California detectorist, Jim, was detecting on a Cape Cod Beach when a stranger, Arty, struck up a conversation. The conversation got around to items Jim had found. Artie asked Jim if he had found a Celtic Knot wedding band. Jim had but it was not at “this” beach. However, Jim did know of one found at the beach Jim and Arty were standing on. Jim gave Arty the detectorist’s contact information and Arty passed it along to Matt, the man who had lost the ring two weeks prior.

Within some fifteen minutes I was talking to Matt who could not believe I had found the ring and wanted to return it for just a Thank You Note. Long story short a few days later I returned the ring to Matt.

The strange twist in the story Jim is on the board of directors of a company who’s President had hired Matt several years ago. It sure is a small world and the meeting of strangers and a the ring’s return was just meant to be. Call it what you like, but strange occurrences do happen for a reason believe it or not!

Matthew B  Matthew B ring

A posting by Matt:

It was Tuesday, July 22 and I was spending the day with my family at Glendon Beach (Dennis Port, MA). My friend Brian and I were throwing the football around in shallow waters when I noticed that I nearly lost my wedding ring after making a diving catch into the ocean. At this point, the normal person would have walked up to his belongings and taken the ring off but I, of course, didn’t do that!! Sure enough 3 minutes later I noticed that my ring had slipped off.

I spent nearly an hour looking for the ring and assumed it was lost forever. Later that week I ran into a lady with a metal detector and asked her if she had found a ring but no luck. Nearly two weeks later, and a day after we left the Cape, my friend Arty ran into a guy who also had a metal detector. He asked about my ring and this guy hadn’t found it either but he said it sounded ‘familiar’ to a ring his friend Rick had found at this same beach. He gave Arty a business card for the “The Ring Finders” which had Rick Browne’s contact info on it.

Shortly after Arty texted me Rick’s info I sent an email to The Ring Finders. Only 13 minutes after I hit send on that email Rick was calling my cell phone. Amazingly he had found my ring!! I thought for sure this ring was long gone and my wife and I were already considering replacement options. I cannot thank Rick and the The Ring Finders enough for finding my wedding ring!

You guys are awesome!!


2 Replies to “Ring found in Dennis Port, Cape Cod, MA returned!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Richard…Its so nice to to make someones day, week, month, year!

  2. Chuck Cloutier says:

    Hi Rick,
    As I sit and look at my wedding ring you found, rest assured we are extremely appreciative that you took the time for us. After losing my wedding band on Saturday and my wife loosing her diamond stone from her setting on Sunday, believe me it was a weekend filled with heartache and emotional lows. When we met on Tuesday, I was hopeful to restore a glimmer of promise that we would be successful. For I had felt naked since Saturday. A deep sinking feeling was at the pit of my stomach each time I peered at my stripped finger.

    After getting in the water and bringing you to the last spot I believed it was, you took less than 3 minutes and under 3 feet from the mark to bring my emotions to an elevated state. We can’t thank you enough for your successful attempt to recover my ring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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