Gold and Diamond Earring Lost, Recovered and Returned in Wayne, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lesley contacted me through the Ring Finders directory after losing  an extremely sentimental gold and diamond earring the day before. She was heartbroken with the loss and determined to find it! When I arrived at her home the next day she explained after a detailed investigation(involving her Ring doorbell camera!) that her valuable earring either fell off in her or her neighbors yard…the local convenience store (Wawa) or the bank. She went to the wawa and bank and looked and asked if anyone found…then went home and printed lost and found signs to post as well. She also purchased a metal detector online to begin searching hers and her neighbors yard. That’s when someone told her about the Ring Finders directory and hence the call to me! When I got there she had the other earring and I was able to calibrate my machine to it. It rang up a strong 12-13 on  my Minelab Equinox Metal Detector….so that was the signal I was looking for! She first took me to the neighbors yard where she stopped to play with there dog …there was a crazy amount of newly fallen leaves in a grassy area around a large magnolia tree. Lesley thought the earring most likely came off while she was playing with the dog…well…she was right! after a 10 minute search…BOOM….sure enough I got a strong 12-13 signal on my machine! With Lesley standing next to me…I spread the deep leaves apart…and behold her beautiful large gold diamond earring! Not sure I have ever seen anyone so emotional as Lesley at that moment…the joy and relief! I was so happy to be able to come through for her!

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  1. Leslie Morgan says:

    I have immeasurable gratitude with what Rich was able to accomplish and sane me a life time of heartach let alone the impossibility of getting one earring made to match the existing one. I would recommend Rich anytime a treasure is lost! Forever in your debt – Leslie M., Wayne PA

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