Gold ring lost, recovered and returned in Wilmington, DE!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Sarah found me in the Ring Finders directory after losing a beautiful gold ring with significant sentimental value. She conveyed to me that she was visiting some friends in Wilmington, DE and was enjoying a beautiful spring evening around a backyard fire pit. She said she had been taking charge of the firepit and collecting brush, sticks and wood in the woods nearby. At some point during the evening she was heartbroken to realize her ring was missing off her finger. It was gold ring with a red coral stone that meant so much to her. She and her friends searched everywhere with no luck. She felt confident that if fell off while she was collecting and snapping wood for the firepit. I was there within 12 hours and spent 30 min looking in the grass and woods surrounding the fire pit…no luck. It then dawned on me that the most obvious place to have started my search was the firepit itself! I walked over…gave it a quick scan and BOOM! A beautiful gold ring signal on my machine…after digging an inch or 2 in the ash….there it was!!! Well….the fire turned the red coral stone to grey and the gold ring itself was a little tarnished from the fire but it can surely be restored to its original beauty! I was happy to be able to come through for Sarah!

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