Lost gold ring, Orlando, Florida....Found and returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mark and his dear wife were in the middle of packing up their belongings for the big move and he could not stop thinking about the special gold ring he lost in the yard over 20 years ago. This unique ring was a gift to Mark from his late father, who hand crafted the ring from gold he collected as a dental technician. One day while washing his hands off in the yard he realized his ring must have fallen into the thick grass. Mark desperately looked around the spigot and along the short path he had taken from the garage, but could not find his lost gold ring. Years passed and Mark sort of gave up hope of ever getting his ring back and then the day came for him to sell his house and move to another location. As the moving day got closer, Mark toyed with the thought of renting a metal detector to look for his ring and that led him to one of my stories on theringfinders.com web site. Mark was intrigued with all the success stories and decided to give me a call. We made arrangements for Friday and I showed up ready for the challenge. Mark showed me the small area where he thought the ring was lost and I fired up my Garrett ATMax, set it to ZERO mode, ground balanced and put on just a little iron discrimination. (Mark was not real sure of the gold content of the ring and I did not want to miss being able to detect it.) I looked around the water spigot and gradually made my way out into the super thick St. Augustine grass! I dug a couple of pennies down four inches or so and 10 minutes into my search I got a solid signal that showed “50” on the display. Mark had watched me carefully dig the pennies with my 10 inch pointed screw driver and on this target he was ready with his shovel, assuring me he could pop out a nice big plug in no time. What could I say, it was his lawn! As I laid the big plug on it’s side I poked my trusty Garrett pro pointer into the dirt and it sounded off a good 8 inches down in the hole. And as I brushed the dirt from the target, a glint of gold showed itself and low and behold there was Mark’s long lost ring!! You talk about one happy camper! He gave me a big hug and then ran into the house to show his wife the ring and then he ran to the neighbors house to show them. What a thrill it was to dig up Mark’s ring and to see the sheer joy and happiness on his face. Maybe you have lost a ring and want me to try and find it for you! I would be honored to help! Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe….really proud member of theringfinders.com

2 Replies to “Lost gold ring, Orlando, Florida….Found and returned!”

  1. Matt Boevers says:

    Wow after 20 years awesome recovery MIKE

  2. rod campbell says:

    My name is Rod. I, after bathing my dog in the yard , discovered that my wedding band was missing .
    Having been married for 43 years , I was very disappointed to lose it & searched frantically with the help
    of about 10 friends for 6 days without success.
    Fortunately, a kind neighbor knocked at our door & gave us Mike’s name & address. I called him. An appointment
    to initiate the search was made & at which time Mike arrived promptly . After marking off the area ,he was able
    to locate & retrieve the ring within approximately 5 min of initiating task at hand. My wife & I are so pleased & grateful .
    Thank you Mike
    Nice meeting you & Rochelle,
    Rod & Jean

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