Lost ring in Lake Eustis, Florida.....Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Danielle called me on a cold, wet Saturday morning in November, desperate for help. Apparently her sister’s fiance, Levi, had bought a beautiful engagement ring and wanted to do a practice run on the “Big Proposal” and somehow lost the ring. She explained that Levi had decided to go to Lake Eustis, with his older brother, and find the perfect spot to practice his proposal. Levi was standing along side of the rail and as he opened the ring box, to his horror, the ring popped out of the box, hit the concrete and dropped into the water below! He was stunned! His precious gift, the white gold ring with the .8 carat diamond was gone! He could not believe what just happened. He called his dear future sister in law, Danielle, and explained his dilemma. She immediately looked on line for someone to help and typed in “Lake Salvage” and nothing came up. Next she thought of “Ring Finder” and bingo, up came one of the ring finders stories.
I packed up my gear and headed for Lake Eustis. It was raining when I arrived and there was Levi, his brother and Danielle standing in the rain, anxiously awaiting my arrival. Levi told me exactly what happened and I could see he was upset….so I tried my best to give him hope and encourage him not to give up. After suiting up, I grabbed by gear and wadded into the murky water. Thankfully it was only 4 feet deep but the bottom was very uneven and full of weeds and debris. Right away I started finding targets. I retrieved a few coins, pull tabs and fishing lures…all the while trying to find Levi’s ring. After 30 minutes or so, I got a strong signal and up came a fish scaling tool. Then right in the exact same spot I got a clear, clean gold signal that proved to be Levi’s lost ring. I will never forget the look of relief on their faces and what a thrill it was to see their smiles. It was an honor to help you Levi, and I hope and pray the story of your lost and found ring brings smiles to your faces each time you recount the events of this day. Congratulations and may God bless you both!
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5 Replies to “Lost ring in Lake Eustis, Florida…..Found and Returned!”

  1. Levi says:

    Thanks Mike! You made the worst day of my life a WHOLE lot better

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you, Mike!! I love my ring, I’m so glad you found it.

  3. Beverly Wells Middleton says:

    Lost my High School ring…..Maynard Evans, Class of 74. White gold with a purple stone.

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      Where and when did you lose your High School ring and how can I help you?

  4. Beverly Wells Middleton says:

    Lost my High School ring…..Maynard Evans, Class of 74. White gold with a purple stone…..would love to have it returned.

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