Lost Ladies Gold Wedding Ring, Ponce Inlet, Florida....Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Margaret and her family were enjoying a beautiful warm summer day at the beach, playing in the sand and surf when all of a sudden a large wave caught her by surprise and sent her tumbling.  As she gathered herself together she realized that her precious diamond ring was missing from her finger.  In 3 feet of water and with 3 foot high waves washing in one after another she realized it would be next to impossible to find her ring.

Later that evening she found theringfinders.com on line and gave me a call.  We made arrangements to meet and Margaret was able to give me a fairly good description of where they were swimming when she got upended!  I marked out a 50 yard stretch on the beach and began my grid search in and out of the water.   I searched for about 2 hours and only got 3 signals—1 pull tab, 1 penny and 1 very nice ladies gold diamond ring!

Thank you Margaret for your generous reward and for giving me the honor and privilege to help you!

Need help?  Give me a call and let’s talk!

Mike McInroe, proud member of theringfinders.comDSCF2213DSCF2212


3 Replies to “Lost Ladies Gold Wedding Ring, Ponce Inlet, Florida….Found!!”

  1. gorgeous ring! Bet she is glad to have it back on her finger.

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      It must have been on edge because my Whites Dual Field gave only a whisper! And it is quite the unique design for sure!

  2. Richard Wong says:

    I believe I lost my ring on the beach approximately 50 yards to the right (facing the ocean) from the end of the Oceanview parking lot wooden walkway. It may have slid off my finger when I shook out my towel. It is a simple gold Florentine wedding band with the engravement “Marsha love Oli 1974″on the inside. By some stroke of luck if anyone finds it, please notify me. Thanks

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