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Lost Ladies Gold Wedding Ring, Ponce Inlet, Florida....Found!!


Margaret and her family were enjoying a beautiful warm summer day at the beach, playing in the sand and surf when all of a sudden a large wave caught her by surprise and sent her tumbling.  As she gathered herself together she realized that her precious diamond ring was missing from her finger.  In 3 feet of water and with 3 foot high waves washing in one after another she realized it would be next to impossible to find her ring.

Later that evening she found on line and gave me a call.  We made arrangements to meet and Margaret was able to give me a fairly good description of where they were swimming when she got upended!  I marked out a 50 yard stretch on the beach and began my grid search in and out of the water.   I searched for about 2 hours and only got 3 signals—1 pull tab, 1 penny and 1 very nice ladies gold diamond ring!

Thank you Margaret for your generous reward and for giving me the honor and privilege to help you!

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2 Responses to “Lost Ladies Gold Wedding Ring, Ponce Inlet, Florida….Found!!”

  1. gorgeous ring! Bet she is glad to have it back on her finger.

    • Mike McInroe says:

      It must have been on edge because my Whites Dual Field gave only a whisper! And it is quite the unique design for sure!

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