Diamond Engagement and Gold Wedding Band Set Lost for Six Months in Long Grove, IA...Found

Patricia was doing some late season gardening in October 2017. The temperatures here in the Midwest were average for October, meaning it was cool, but not yet considered cold, and a little breezy.  Patricia had been prepping all of her flower gardens for the winter season by raking and bagging up the flowers and plants that were dying back from the end of the season.  During the process of raking, bagging, and the wind blowing her hair in her face, Patricia removed her gloves frequently to brush her hair out of her face and then continue on with her gardening.

It wasn’t until Patricia was done with her work and she was inside cleaning up that she noticed her wedding band set was no longer on her finger. She believes the temperature was just cool enough that the ring came off of her finger during one of the many times that she removed her gloves.  She did not expect to ever see her rings again.

Fast-forward to April of 2018. Patricia’s rings have been missing for over six months.  She was certain that her rings were not in the lawn bags as she had dumped them out one-by-one in October and thoroughly searched the contents.  This gave me confidence that her rings were still somewhere in her yard.  Beginning at about 10:00AM I searched each of Patricia’s flower beds and then I began a grid search of the back yard.

Just before noon I had covered approximately half of the back yard when I got a good “gold” tone on my metal detector. After pinpointing on the signal I looked beneath the search coil and I could see a little shiny object deep in the grass.  I reached down to pick the object up and it was Patricia’s rings.  When I showed the rings to her she cried, she smiled, and she was speechless.  It was an overflow of emotions in one instance.  Just seeing how happy she was made the hunt for her rings that much more rewarding.

I’m a couple of months late posting this story, but I wanted to share this wonderful event.


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great recovery and story Mike!! Looks like a very happy lady.

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