Lost ring at Wind and Sea Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Skylar was visiting here from her desert home and was enjoying a relatively cool day at Wind and Sea beach here in La Jolla California At the end of the day, she packed up her gear and headed 60-70 yards across the dry sand to the stairs up to her vehicle. Once at the vehicle, she discovered her engagement ring was not on her finger anymore. She hadn’t taken it off and was at a loss as to what could have happened to it. Checking her possessions, and retracing her steps back to where she was camped didn’t result in finding the ring. She had a rather sad 2 hour drive back home. She and her mother managed to get my contact info and called me for help. Being she was a bit unfamiliar with that beach, all I could get was a general area where she had been, so, working with just a map would have been pretty tough. Skylar volunteered to drive back and show me the search area in person. Wonderful! That always makes thing easier. She and her mother drove to the beach, and met me the same day she called and at about the same time she had left the previous day., so, things should look very familiar. We proceeded to the spot she was camped and I started my search. Quite a few people were still there on the beach at 7pm, so, I had to be mindful of that and not encroach too close to anyone. After coming up empty searching the surrounding area where Skylar had been sitting and storing her gear, and as close as I wanted to get to a couple close by on their blanket, I asked Skylar to try and take the same path to the stairs so I could follow and check that section of beach. We got all the way to the base of the stairs without finding the ring. I mentioned that maybe they could look upstairs in case it fell out there and was maybe (but extremely unlikely) still up laying there in plain sight by where she had parked. I turned around and headed back to the camp site, taking an abutting path slightly closer to the water. I made it all the way back to ground zero, but, still no ring. I then expanded out a bit more around that area, even closer to the couple on their blanket, and got the signal I was waiting for, just 2 feet from where I had stopped when I first started the search! I turned around and headed back toward the stairs, but, didn’t see Skylar or her mother initially, so, I just slowly detected my way back thinking they must be upstairs. I dug a few junk targets along the way, and when I got close to the stairs, I realized they were waiting there. They thought I still hadn’t found the ring yet, seeing me lollygagging my way back but, I pulled out the ring and surprised them both. They were both very happy and will now have a much more joyful ride back home. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Skylar says:

    Thank you so much this was truly a miracle! So very happy to have my ring back 🙂

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