Lost Kelowna Ring found and returned

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Warren and his family were down at the local beach to watch the fireworks display, after sitting in the sand, Warren went to wash his hands in the water. Back on the beach he shook the water off his hands and before he knew it, his ring was missing. The family searched until midnight with no success, they returned in the morning with a metal detector, again unsuccessfully. The ring belonged to his Father who had it and two other rings made from a gold nugget. Regretfully Warren`s Father had recently died, and Warren inherited his Father`s ring, unfortunately that was the ring he was wearing on the beach. I had been working my sales booth at a Rock & Gem show all weekend, and just got home when my wife said that I had a phone call on the recording machine, I returned the call to Warren who told me his story, I told him I would be there at 5:30 in the morning to search for it. I had no sooner hung up when I gave it second thoughts, Warren was very distraught so I called him back and said I would meet him at the beach in 45 minutes, the sooner the search the better. At the beach he showed me the loss location which I gridded for over 30 minutes. I told him there is a possibility that it went into the water and I would return in the am to search the water. Before I left the beach, I searched the waters edge getting my feet wet, only to recover the ring. Another happy family, I love it.

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