Wedding ring & Engagement ring found in Kelowna BC Canada

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Spring had arrived in Kelowna BC Canada, and Yvette was cleaning out her back yard. She removed a vine that was on a fence between her home and a golf course, Yvette collected a large bin and six garbage bags full of garden waste. Once completed she realized she had lost her 14k Wedding ring and Engagement ring that were joined together, she was devastated and spent the whole day searching for it. Her Mother in Calgary found “The Ringfinders” website and sent me an email, I replied send me Yvette`s address and I will respond within the hour. I searched the whole yard and over the fence on the golf course to no avail, the only place left was the garden waste which Yvette and her husband had searched four times with a metal detector. Undaunted I dumped out all the contents and did a systematic search, at the bottom of the bin was the ring inside a discarded plant. Yvette was delighted, I told her to call her Mother and thank her.

IMG_1370Yvette 2