Lost White Gold and Silver Bridal Set Rings with Diamonds Found in Jackson Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Sentimental Heirlooms…..

……As Abbie was unloading groceries from her vehicle the other night one of the bags broke. As she was picking up the contents, her soldered wedding rings came off. Frantically looking in the dark with her husband brought no luck. The next morning another search commenced with the same result. The rings have been passed down thru the family for many generations and irreplaceable. On site there was about 3 inches of snow, along with compacted snow from her prior searches and the vehicle being moved. A quick turn on and go with my MXT metal detector had me searching quickly. I was looking for a white gold signal on the MXT meter and running out of searchable real estate I got a higher read than usual. Pulling the depth switch it read 0/1 inch deep. I got out my pin pointer and got a signal, and under a shoeprint, compressed under the snow her beautiful rings came to light! I waved for Abbie to come over and she excitedly asked if I found it. She reached down, lifted it from the snow and began the thawing process. Once dried, I looked at it with my loupe magnifier and discovered one of the rings was white gold and the other sterling silver!… which explained the unusually high meter read and something Abbie didn’t know. With that information she was even more fascinated and wanted to find out more about the rings, and with her daughter in arms the lil one was reinforcing the well kept promise for now and to come.


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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Make sure she insures it now. Congratulations.

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