Lost White Gold Ring Found In Livonia Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Garden Of Weeden

The pictured gentleman is known in the neighborhood for having a green thumb. About a month ago while him and his wife were cleaning up and weeding a garden for a homebound, elderly neighbor his ring came off. Thru much outside influence, from an unreliable source, temptation won over and the wrong metal detector was chosen. After much trowel and error searching with nothing produced they felt re-entry into the garden wasn’t mint to be. When we talked today I was all ears and offered much encouragemint. Keeping the convo upbeet, I said I can dig it, just romaine calm, it was no big dill and that I’ve helped lots of people who’ve bean there. On site and after setting up my MXT I said let’s turnip the beet. Scanning in a grid pattern over the soft ground the detector was silent for about 5 min. then I got a familiar signal and meter read about 1″ deep.
Pushing the garrett carrot into the soil like I was putting down roots I got a vibe, and scraping the soil aside revealed this simply radishing, chunky white gold ring! Waving him over I said I need you to weed this out. As he looked down at the ring he exclaimed Amaizeing! We high fived and yelled…. Kale Yea! After a few pics he said thanks for taking the thyme to help him cultivate his ring, beeting seemingly unbeetable odds and squashing his downbeet. He said if I was a fruit I’d be one fineapple. I said I yam what I yam but now it’s time to beet it, it’s party thyme, peas out!

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