Lost Gold Ring W/Diamonds Found In Farmington Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Mom’s Lazy Boy Comes Clean…..

Once upon a time during covid-19 in a small town and cozy house lived this nice, pictured lady who’s ring went missing. Unsure of where it could be with all the routine changes that took place, she reached out for help. We chatted briefly and when I arrived today I started my ground search along the path where the classy car was parked. Next was the classy car search but nothing was found. Moving to the inside we went room by room, in the bedroom we checked wavvy waterbed along with the heavy dresser and chesty drawers revealed nothing. Searching the living room’s curvy couch revealed nothing. When we sat on curvy couch to take a break the spring squeaks sounded like they said check with chatty chair and tattle table. In doing so, it was revealed underneath in a woodburning that lazy boy talked in his sleep and said steely safe had the ring. Moving to steely safe and opening the door revealed no ring but a note that read…. lazy boy is so soft that he keeps all the jewelry that falls off from those who relax on him. Thanking steely safe we formed a quick plan. Moving hastily in a surprise attack, she jumped on lazy boy and pulled back on his arm, an agonizing screech followed and as my hands were going in to search we heard metal hit the floor! Wrestling lazy boy out of the way revealed this beautiful triple band gold ring! As lazy boy tried to wheedle his way out of this we quickly taped up all the holes where things could “fall” into. All was well again in the cozy house, a happy ending for the lady and as wisps of curly smoke lifted to the sky from the chimney the lazy boy was surrounded by his contemporaries, each sporting a grin, not to teach him his lesson but that a professional tape removal and stitching was in order.

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