Lost Silver Ring In The Snow Found In Birmingham Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Squirrelly Silver!

This pictured lady was out in her yard Saturday evening throwing apples in the direction of multiple squirrels digging thru the snow for grub when her ring came off. When we talked we agreed to meet today and look. When I arrived there was about 2 or so inches of snow. She showed me the place where she stood and gave the general direction of her throws. I saw half eaten fruit and where there may have been critters in the snow and started to grid search in that direction. From above, jumping from different trees 2 squirrels were peering down thru the scented pinecones sending vocalesque squeaks, squawks, chatters and bark-like grunts in our direction with more intensity as we approached the food, or were they trying to send a message to my good luck charm Nessie? Fear aside, we marched on!
No metal targets came thru at first so I started to search along a line 90 deg. from the first. Just when I was getting close to the fence my MXT signaled loud along with a high meter read. As I brushed the snow aside this trapped, thick silver ring revealed itself! As I worked to free the ring from the ice the squirrels scurried down the trees and approached closer thinking we were putting more food down. Upon standing, handing her the ring, she held it up for a pic, but as the squirrels looked at the shiny object they quickly zoomed back towards the trees. We laughed and said as fast and zappy as they are we’ll never catch them but we did catch your squirrely silver!

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    Good job Jon!

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