Lost Mixed Gold And Silver Ring Found In The Grass with Dowsing Rod In Detroit Michigan

Happy Mother’s Day!

About 3 weeks ago I went to search a large field with this nice lady who’s ring came off her friends finger while doing some aerial drone photography. The ring was designed and constructed in Morocco when her and husband were on honeymoon. It has layers of exotic wood from the area sandwiched between a mix of gold/silver! The search area was quite large and we walked the area where they thought they were, we even looked at the drone video where she was but nothing came up. They had to leave and it was getting near dark so I told them that I would come back and take another look. Before I left I took some reads with my dowsing rod and made notes of my locations and landmarks. I picked up on a attraction and noted it was not the area they had filmed. I was in the area for work a week ago and went back to the site only to find the area flooded from heavy rains in the Detroit area. Not wanting to give up on what I want in life, I searched again today with the dowsing rod and got the same general area but was able to triangulate from another direction and intersect the area of attraction. I started to think that it was possible the ring came off either before they filmed or after as they had passed thru here going in and exiting. The grass was even deeper prob 5″ so I fired up my MXT and started to grid search the area of interest from dowsing. I was getting so much junk signals that I turned up the discrimination right up to nickel, knowing the ring was 50% gold 50% silver I would still pick up the ring. I also took a read from my silver and gold coin combined and got a 36-40 read on the MXT so I was watching for that on the meter. Searching for abt a half hour I found a quarter which was totally out of place and a good clue I was in the right area and thought that it prob came out of one of their pockets and perhaps where the ring came off as well. Then I thought well maybe the coin was what the dowsing rod picked up on even tho I was focused on the ring and what I knew about it. A few more swings with the MXT and a very weak signal and 40 read came up and swinging from opposite direct a 36 came up and 3″ depth. Probing with the pinpointer I felt it hit a chunky piece of metal and spreading the grass open revealed this beautiful ring, tipped sideways, and the most unique one I have found so far! Check out the detail on this specimen…quite stunning! I poked a small branch in the ground where I found the ring and it was only a few feet off from where the dowse lock line indicated. I texted her a pic and said happy mothers day and after a few minutes I got about 20 texts of excitement! She couldn’t meet today but we have plans to meet over the next 2 days so I can return her one of a kind ring and a make a nice memory on a very special mother’s day!



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  1. gregg larabel says:

    Jon, you did it again. Congratulations!

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