Lost 10 Years White Gold Ring Found In Farmington Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

10 Years Age Progression

A huge amount of people worldwide go missing each year, but it’s always great when you read about a missing person being found, even tho you may or may not be the family members or friend of the missing person, today’s media coverage let’s you be right there with the details of whats going on, much more personal than before the internet.
Even tho an inanimate object like a ring is not a living person, when a piece of jewelry goes missing, the sentimental and emotional feelings a person has about that and the person whom it belonged to can take on the feelings of it being a living thing.
The story of this missing ring started ten yrs ago when the pictured lady’s husband was mowing grass and it came off. They searched off and on to no avail and her husband passed away a few yrs later. Late Nov. of 2018 I got in touch with her and went out to search only to find frozen ground. She wasn’t quite sure of the metal type either white gold or silver. She had an old picture of it when it was new (1st pic) and I thought ok well I will look for both metal ID’s and ignore everything else. It has 4 small diamonds on it and I thought it was white gold cos’ not too many people put diamonds in silver settings but there are some that do. I took some notes on signals I got and we decided to search again in the spring. Today I grid searched the area where she remembered him saying he was when the ring came off. I had to clear quite a bit of junk to get thru as I wasn’t sure how far down the ring may have settled over the years but I did have a number I was looking for on the MXT from past searches. The soil was black as coal and silty but the ground was damp and easy to dig. As I swept the coil I got a repeatable, sharp and short signal +12 with a reading about 3″ deep and decided to dig. As I was pinpointing, the signal kept saying I’m here plz find me! Moving dirt to the side of the hole I saw a silver object with nice contrast against the soil shining back at me happily that it was soon to be free from it’s entombment.
I waved for her to come to the back and I have never seen a person run so fast! She looked down into the hole and pulled the ring from the earth and looked at me and no words were needed as to how thrilled she was! So after 10yrs the rings rhodium coating got dulled a bit as can be seen in the pics, but other than that it was in great shape. As I was packing and cleaning my gear it was nice to listen to her call her friends and family members announcing that the spirit of this very sentimental ring and family member was reunited with it’s loving family…..back where it belonged!


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