Lost Rose Gold Ring in Office Found with Dowsing Rod in Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Sushi Gold!

This pretty, young lady was hosting a huge sushi lunch party yesterday and her engagement ring came off. When we talked she said she usually keeps her ring on her desk when using the ladies room and thought she had it on at the start of the luncheon. I suggested that before I get there that she and her co workers save all the trash bags that were used that day.
When I got on site today there were 4 bags of trash. I decided to start there. I didn’t want to sift thru all 4 bags and the MXT would have a problem working indoors, but I did have my Garrett carrot ready. So getting my dowsing rod out and sweeping the rod towards the bags revealed a lock on one of them. We played the shell game with the bags and the dowsing rod still favored the same one. So she went back to her office and I started to go thru the bag, removing metal drink containers and foil. I was contemplating dumping all the contents out onto another few bags on the floor but instead I held the bag up and scanned with the pin pointer and got a signal. Opening the bag back up I probed again and sifting around revealed her beautiful 18k rose gold ring at the bottom of the bag! I texted her a pic of the ring in the bag and while a few moments went by as I was cleaning up the mess I heard her feet running across the office and when she rounded the corner with her phone in hand smiling ear to ear with excitement she exclaimed you found it! I said yes look! I couldn’t let her reach down into the trash so I pulled it up and she could not believe that it was found! We went back into the kitchen area to clean the ring and eat some sushi, my first time having it!….
…..and I have to say that I not only love gold, but Sushi!

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  1. Steven W Ray says:

    Great job Jonathan! This is the first time I have heard of this kind of recovery.

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