Lost Platinum Ladies Ring With Diamonds Found in the Snow in Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Platinum 911!

Just got back from a night search for this very nice, pictured couple. They were at the hospital tonight visiting an ill loved one and walking back to the car she pulled her gloves off and 2 pieces of her 3 piece ring came off in about 4″-5″ of snow that came down yesterday. They found the main piece and when I got on site they had been searching thru the snow with gloved hands and flashlights for the thinner ring. There was some lights but seeing was more enhanced by the big snow supermoon shining from above giving the glistening snow a sparkly surface. She had the matching ring so I took a read with the MXT from different directions and got +6 and +8. I started to scan and grid at 90 deg swings in the trajectory from where she was standing and where they found the other matching ring. She had gone to the car to double check if the ring was in there and him and I kept searching.
I got a few iron and foil signals and after a few minutes I got a +6 and +8 but very short signals. Probing the snow with the Garrett carrot revealed this beautiful thin platinum band tipped at a 45 deg angle just as she got into the car. I said I got it and he yelled to her and we waved our hands and arms in the air to get her attention. She excitedly ran back to us and happily grasped the ring and quickly put it back on! The temporary loss of the sentimental ring, the excitement of the search and quick recovery got our heart rates up really high but now 3 beating hearts are all back in the normal range again!

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