Lost Gold Ring With Diamonds Found In Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Where In The Deck Are The 4 Diamonds?

This pictured gentleman felt he had the cards stacked against him when his ring slipped off while working up on his deck brushing the dog and multitasking to various projects. He tried to climb underneath but kept bumping his head and after almost getting stuck decided he wasn’t playing with a full deck. After speaking with him he decided to play his cards right and have me come out to play the right hand. When I arrived I asked him to lay all his cards out on the table and let me know all the hands he played today. After shuffling I decided my ace in the hole was to go a few more cards down from the top of the deck. Sweeping my MXT
under the deck I got a nice +40 read and moving in closer I saw 4 pretty diamonds and a gold band trying to bluff me from behind some gravel and grass. As you can see, he is now holding all the cards and not feeling the situation is a house of cards.
Him and his wife’s hearts are reunited with the diamonds, and we all agreed that holding the right cards doesn’t ensure a win….but the right moves do!

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