Lost Ring in snow Found in Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

He doesn’t have to ask twice!

Got a call from a very talented wedding photographer stating that during a surprise engagement photo shoot that the ring got lost near a pretty, snow covered pine tree used as a backdrop. Well with snow all over in the area, someone tried to help and decided to melt the snow with hot water.
When I got on site I saw areas of ice that the ring could be in. I set up the MXT and started to grid the area and got random iron signals everywhere except this one area that came up with a weak but repeatable +8 and +12 ring at about 4″ deep. I knew this was an on edge good target from so many times before. So we started to chip away at it carefully enough to get the ice chunk out off the ground. I used my Garrett carrot which clearly vibrated a target in the chunk. So after some very careful ice chipping this gorgeous white gold ring revealed itself edge on just as I thought. I can’t describe in words the reaction of the photographer when the ring appeared, it’s just spectacular! And the bride to be? Just see the photo!
Now the groom doesn’t have to ask twice!


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