Lost Ring Found in Troy Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

30 year fixed!

I got a call from a husband saying his ring slipped off while raking leaves in the yard during warmer than usual s/e Michigan weather this week.
So I got on site and him and I talked about where he thought it may be so I set up the MXT and started to detect the area. He left me to search as he went back into the house to do a few chores and hadn’t been in there too long when I called him and said I found something interesting! I at first picked up iron signals from the rubber trim metal spikes around the area in question but then a 1 cent +60 reading came up solid from all directions and I was surprised to find the pictured 14k yellow band hiding just under 4 inches of leaves!
So he came running out and raised his hands in the air in amazement when I was holding the ring!
We got to talking a bit more and I learned that the ring, like all rings, have a special meaning and a story to them.
He mentioned that his wife on their 30th anniversary in August had his original ring and her original ring melted together and this one pictured with hubby was the one that represented both and this was her original design incorporated in his new wedding band! How cool was that I thought!
I wished them a happy holiday season and was happy to see them reunited with their ring that held such a special meaning!


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