Lost Wedding Ring Houston, Texas (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Wedding Rings lost while throwing out trash in Houston (found) by John Volek

I was contacted by Josh and Courtney today regarding Courtney’s  lost wedding ring. Josh said the ring was lost last night in the parking lot of a local pub in the Houston area.

Josh said, as they exited the pub last night, Courtney picked up a bottle that was laying in the parking lot near their truck. Josh said Courtney walked over to where the dumpster was and threw the bottle in the receptacle. Josh said unfortunately her wedding rings flew off  while tossing the bottle. Josh said they were able to immediately find the engagement ring in front of the dumpster, but they could not find the matched wedding band.

Josh said they searched in the dark for quite some time and returned the next morning armed with a new metal detector. Josh said they search for several hours and were not able to find the missing wedding band.

Josh said Courtney searched the internet and found “The Ring Finders”, and placed the call. I met Josh and Courtney this afternoon to search for her ring. The conditions were really difficult as you can see from the picture,  but Josh’s and Courtney’s picture tells how it ended.

Josh and Courtney were a great couple, and it was great to be able to reunite them with their rings.


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Search location behind the pub.


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Josh and Courtney where a couple of real troopers! They were in that thick brush

on their hands and knees searching away. I was really impressed with their effort

and it was no surprise we eventually found the ring.


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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030 w/small coil

Pin-pointers X’s 3







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