Lost Texas A&M Ring Found by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Ring at Crystal Beach, Texas (Found)


I received the following e-mail today:

My wife lost her Aggie ring today about 7pm in about four to five feet of water today about thirty or so yards from the beach. I have no idea if it’s even feasible to look in the surf like that but I figured I would try. We are staying at 1109 Blue Water in Crystal Beach. If you are willing to look please let me know. Thank you for your time.


I have worked Crystal Beach before knowing it is located on the Bolivar Peninsula, just east of Galveston, and only accessible from the west by ferry boat. The ferry boat during the peak season can be a nightmare one often has to wait in line for hours to get to the other side. I was glad we were in the off-season.

I called Zachary back and he explained how his wife Paula had lost her Texas A&M Graduate Ring in the Surf on Crystal Beach. Zachary said he had a very good idea of where the ring had landed in the water. Zachary said he had made some marking on the sand to maintain the drop location in the water. In short, great job Zachary, this was the main factor in the recovery.

Zachary sent a few pictures of the beach and sand markings illustrating the ring drop zone in the water. Zachary and I made plans to meet early the next morning on Crystal Beach to search for the ring.

Back to the ferry boat discussion, cost me an hour each way, with little or no traffic, not sure what the ferry boat guys are up to?

I pulled onto the beach with the provided instructions and knew I was in the right spot. I immediately saw a large tent shade with the Texas A&M logo printed on the roof. Zachary and Paula quickly laid out the ground work, and we set out to find her lost ring.

The beach at Bolivar Peninsula took the brunt of Hurricane IKE, and restoration-rebuilding was evident with several nice new homes at the shoreline.

Zachary walked out into the water and set the perimeter for where we needed to conduct the search. I worked the grid east to west, pulling up a few deep targets, just didn’t want to make a mistake and miss the ring. I reset my search and started working north to south and hit the ring on the second pass.











One of Zachary’s photograph















Zachary and Paula with their Texas A&M Class Rings


















Equipment Used:

Excalibur II

GoPro Camera







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4 Replies to “Lost Texas A&M Ring Found by John Volek”

  1. Greg DeLong says:

    Another happy Aggie. WTG John.

  2. Another great find and video. John, try marking the go pro case with paint marks so that you can easily adjust for the correct viewing angle.

    1. John Volek says:

      Thanks Grif,

      Trying out a couple of new camera mounts will take a little time to get it just right. I find I am a better treasure hunter than camera man LOL.

  3. John Volek says:

    Comment left by Zachary,

    Two days into our vacation, a Sunday, my wife lost her Aggie class ring in about 4 feet of water and 60 paces from the shore of Bolivar Peninsula in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico. Four of us spent about half an hour searching for it with no success. To put it mildly, we were both very upset as we both have these class rings and they are very sentimental to us. She had given it up as gone forever, and I mean she actively told me to not waste more of our vacation time worrying about it. However, I knew she was pretty upset about it. I called John on Monday morning (without her knowing) and explained to him what had happened on his voicemail. Within about 45 minutes he called me back and asked me a LOT of questions. The specifics of what he was asking sparked some hope for me that maybe it was not impossible to recover the ring. He told me that he would be there on Tuesday morning to begin the search. By this time, I had informed my wife that I had hired John to conduct a search. She was not enthused about it, but I told her we needed to give it one good try. John showed up Tuesday, introduced himself, and we explained what happened. He spent the next ten minutes putting on equipment and pulling out gear from his truck. This process convinced me that I had made the right choice. This wasn’t just a guy with a metal detector–he had a game plan. Twenty minutes later John says, “You got your camera ready?” John handed me my wife’s ring and we walked it up to her. She told me that she thought the whole thing was a dream. All of this to say, if you lost your ring, give John a shot at finding it. John made the impossible possible for us. Thank you John!
    • • •

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